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    Removing glue on top of tint

    simple green- slowly
  2. I did read some info on color blindness problems and being diabetic. I told him to come back in a few weeks and lets investigate more.
  3. It was electric blue color with black interior. I wonder if the new lights of the cars are causing this. I have not driven the car at night.
  4. Customer calls and says his Madico charcool 05% is looking reddish at nighttime and daytime on his rear window and rear side windows. The film is a greenish color. So I don't know what he is talking about. Its installed on a 2019 Prius regular one." Not prime" I looked at it today and I don't see reddish color. I can see maybe the rear window looking reddish at night due to the angle of the window or the new projector beam head lights or the orange heater lines. He sees one thing and I see another. Could it be the glass.
  5. Your said what. "4 days prior I prepared by taking pics of all the windows and paint areas around them in case there were scratches/damage after tinting."" NO ONE DOES THIS." You sound like the guy that eats 90% of his meal and complains to get a free meal. I wonder if your yelp reviews are 70% 1 stars and 30% 2 stars. Dude!! 4 days before you take pics predicting this would happen. Ive seen this before and pisses me off that people try this. Now! if you had 4k video in front of the shop that same day 5 mins before handing over the keys. You might have a case. Remember your in snow territory. Your car probably has marks everywhere. Once your car leaves the shop your done. How can you 100% say it was them" You can't" Thats like blaming someone for stealing your wallet and later on you find your wallet. You end up feeling really stupid and bad about it. I believe we know what really happened