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  1. Wongway

    Possibly damaged defroster?

    Good practice, unfortunately, do you think that would have caught something like that defroster line?
  2. Wongway

    Possibly damaged defroster?

    I'm not sure you know what answer I want. It seems to me so far, everyone has given very valid reasons for why that defroster looks the way it does.
  3. Wongway

    Possibly damaged defroster?

    I'm 100% positive it wasn't tinted before. I am not, however, positive the previous owner didn't put stupid window stickers up there before. I saw the car pretty much as it came in, prior to any dealer prep/cleaning. Hell, I even saw the silly alcohol breathalyzer thing in the glove compartment and the ashtray in the back 😛 I can't discount that the previous owner didn't have those stupid decorative stickers they put in the back though so that might very well be the root cause.
  4. Wongway

    Possibly damaged defroster?

    Car was bought as a certified pre-owned 2016 MINI Countryman with 18,600 miles on it. So relatively new, but it might not be unsurprising that they could've had stickers there...
  5. Just had my MINI Countryman tinted yesterday by someone I figured to be relatively reputable in my area. I notice this near break in my defrosters and I'm wondering what this is? It doesn't feel like water or air trapped underneath, but I've never seen defrost lines look like they're bleeding