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  1. If it will be your business, then why not get a business license and solve your film problem?
  2. It is both a little high and you are being too picky. Offer to pay for removal if it bugs you that much.

    2016 Dodge Charger Rear Window mess

    That looks standard or above standard for that car. I assume you paid the standard amount for that so you indeed got your moneys worth. If you want him to spend hours screwing around with your car until YOU deem it OK then you should pay him what ever he ask per hour to screw around with your car. For instance, a body shop charges more for show quality paint jobs than they do for everyday paint jobs.

    YOUR Thoughts on flexfilm

    Nanoflex has THE MOST low angle haze that I have ever seen. I don't know how shops sell it to customers. We have also have never been able to get FlexFilm to honor their warranty. Their other lines look much better in all fairness.
  5. Stop the issue before it becomes a problem. Do not let water touch the door panel...Remove the cover behind door handle, remove 7mm screw, carefully(but firmly) pull back the top portion of the door panel starting at the front and work back, remove the weatherstrip and then tuck a towel over and behind the door panel.

    Window tint question

    Prelude's backglass is about 31 inches tall so the answer is NO a 30 inch wide roll will not cover in ONE piece.