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  1. 1 Touch Tint

    Buick Regal TourX Station Wagon

    I recently did my second one of these and overall not too bad. Front doors are a little tight. I also trimmed out the quarters a little bit since the rubber seemed to actually go into the matrix dots. If you’re hand cutting the rear window may take you a minute to cut out but a very simple shrink and install. I hand cut and two staged this one but next time I will probably pull the front panels.
  2. 1 Touch Tint

    2019 Tacoma - Bottom Loading

    Hey guys, I installed 2 fronts on a 2019 Tacoma today. I was able to bottom load by popping off the trim piece up by the mirror, removing the small plastic push clip below that, and also removing the philips screw behind the door pull. This gave me plenty of room to pull the top of the panel back. I know the entire panel is easy to remove but honestly no need to. Very simple window to hand cut and install, whether you bottom load or two stage. Hope this helps!
  3. 1 Touch Tint

    Classic black pics

    Hello everyone, new member here and a big fan of the classic black. Been using it for about 5 years now and have had zero issues along with many happy customers. I actually used CB 20% on this XJ today. I forgot how tight these brake lights are but fortunately was able to get enough flex to leave everything installed. But anyway great to be on the forum. Thank you!