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  1. , crisscross some tape around the back of the handle , tape it to the box , it will stabilize the blade
  2. H.G.

    Cleaning windows

    Ha Ha, overthinking , same here , it does weigh all options though
  3. H.G.

    Last one to post #925

    I just realized I can put a 1/4” dent in my Tahoe in 2 seconds and walk away carefree😂
  4. H.G.

    Pic of the Week #589 Submissions

    2 -4 floor elevator shafts, security film . 5’ x 10’ larger panes Tinted the other side on top of the cab . All OSHA approved😀
  5. Nice job !!! Too bad he/she didn't have you replace that faded hood emblem.
  6. H.G.

    looking for training courses for vinyl wraps

    Or they're just too busy ,I know i'm not on here too much anymore , Happy Tinting !!!
  7. H.G.

    looking for training courses for vinyl wraps

    No Replies???? 3-M has an excellent entry level program, I watched guys there when I attended the Dinok training ,same as tinting, you get the basics then build on experience.They are very helpfull if you have questions after the school. Good Luck bro. The classes are in Mn. so plan accordingly .
  8. I treat the shock mount the same as on a graphic job or film job on doors where the handle mounts ,hard card the hole with a towel and little saliva on the rubber. Thought of carrying some silicone lube and applying sparingly but haven't yet , the saliva works good.
  9. H.G.

    Big news soon to be released

    It aint a tint off till putty glazed and wooden frames are thrown into the mix
  10. As mentioned, Filmhandler !!! I just modified one of my 3 slitters with a dremel and lots of sandpaper to cut 15mil.
  11. H.G.

    Last one to post #880

    And a jolly good one to ya'll
  12. H.G.

    1st time wrap (jk)

    I have a client that I've done tons of commercial work for ,solar,security,graphics etc. that wants a semi trailer wrapped. He's supplying the vinyl ( 3m) . Over the years I've applied every kind of graphics, dinok, belbien , every 3M product so I know the application won't be a problem based on my experience but he wants me to give him a price and I've never priced something like this out , so... ??? 55' trailer both sides and back Thanks for any help,
  13. H.G.

    Pic of the Week #567 Winner

    Tight quarters there , ha ha , Nice job!
  14. H.G.

    The Tint Shop destroyed by tornado

    You are an inspiration !!!!! (Late to the party as usual ha ha) I love Romans 8:28 All things work together for good to them that love God,to them who are the called according to his purposes.
  15. When you have to replace a McLaren suede panel from water stains you'll wish you had taped and covered them J.S. there are others.