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  1. Some installers will take off the bumper but I normally don't take anything apart because its too risky and not really a good idea. First, you could damage the clips or not get it back on secure, plus when the film gets damaged (and it will for sure), you have to take it apart again to replace the piece. Most of the time there's not a finished area on the backside for the wrapped part of the film's adhesive to bite on. Its like putting a piece of tape on a concrete block, it will stick but it won't stay. Personally, I think a small gap is better if there is no easy way to wrap the edge. its easier to keep clean.
  2. That has been my concern and have turned many jobs down for that very reason. Glad I'm not facing any matte removals in the future
  3. Yes, adhesive remover safe for matte paint.
  4. I'd be more interested in how to remove the adhesive off a matte finish car without destroying it. Do you offer an adhesive remover that is safe for that type of application?
  5. Speed

    2018 Porsche 911 turbo S

    Be careful if its a newer one, Porsche is using double sided tape on them now and some (GT2RS) are glued in.
  6. I see this kind of stuff several times a month. $1600 for a new bumper or a few hundred for new film? And what about tint, doesn't it have to be removed at some point at additional cost?
  7. Would you pay more for a used car that looked perfect as far as paint chips vs one that was beat up? When searching for a used car, most would agree a lot of its value depends on how well it was cared for by the previous owner. If that owner cared enough it to go to the expense of having PPF applied, then they probably got their oil changed and routine maintenance done. This Cayenne customer would call your snake oil comparison hogwash.
  8. Speed

    Wax before installing XPEL

    Putting film on a waxed car makes it easier to squeegee out bubbles, easier to lift the film for debris, and removal years later is much easier...especially full hoods. Just don't put wax in the door cups or areas where stretched film has to drop down like the hood scoops on a Mustang.
  9. Acura TSX so it was a hard textured plastic.
  10. I put some vinyl on my doors and just replaced them after about 6 years and it didn't leave any crap on my door
  11. Speed

    Alfa Romeo 4C

    True that blackoutauto, but this damage was far from the impact area. Jagman, its a beautiful car and I understand your wanting to protect it. If it were mine, I'd put several coats of wax down first before application of the film and use as little tack solution as possible during the install.
  12. Speed

    Alfa Romeo 4C

    Italian paint is pretty weak. We did one of those Alfas with Suntek (least aggressive adhesive of all leading brands) and when the customer damaged the film on the bumper, the clearcoat separated from the paint during removal leaving a big white bubble.
  13. Sometimes I remove the tow hook but that's all. I only bulk if there isn't any pattern available. Taking cars apart and putting them back together correctly takes too much time IMO.
  14. Film hides swirl marks so paint correction isn't needed, save that for the removal. I've only had maybe 2 cars out of the last 18 years I couldn't get the film to stick to, and I prefer them to be waxed. Its much easier to squeegee over a waxed surface and I like to use a lot of baby shamoo, especially on dark colors. Try easing up on the alcohol in your tack solution, maybe only 10% of 70% iso. More alcohol doesn't mean more stick. 100% water is better at tacking than a 50/50 mix, you'll burn the adhesive.
  15. I don't know why anyone, that cares enough about their car to film it, would run though an automated car wash....ever. I guess its better than having someone use a sidewalk cleaning machine like a pressure washer on it. It doesn't matter how old the install either with those things, the last picture is an 04 Boxster and the damage happened Thursday.