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  1. What is the smell like with Epic Orange? Actually have some LLumar removal coming up and if it works well with that and doesn't smell bad I would try that. On the D.C. removal I was thinking the good thing was because it was not tempered was we were able to scrape it without scratching. But if it were tempered in the first place bagging it prob would've worked and would've have needed to scrape. Tried not looking at my phone cause I didn't want to know how late it was. But the good thing is if it were during the day they prob would've thrown us out cause of the noise we were making with the scraping.
  2. Came across that 1% of the time that it doesn't work! A few weeks old 3M Dusted Crystal band that the client decided they needed larger coverage for. I suggested they add a band above and below the existing band leaving an 1" or so gap and it would like an original design, not like a fix. And it would be cheaper than a removal and re-install. But they decided they wanted the original removed and a larger full band installed. Treated these just like the previous ones where bagging the film worked, but on most panels here it did not work and it was a tough removal. Some had plastic on for an hour, some had for over 3 hours. Doors were laminated, not tempered. Think the fixed panels were also laminated. On a couple of the doors the film pulled right off after bagging and waiting. Why? I don't know. Different side/coating of the glass? Don't think the problem was leaving plastic on for too long and drying out, was re-wetting to keep it wet. Thought I had this figured out and instead didn't leave this off hour job till 1:30 am.
  3. This was done today. Was only able to soak for about an hour and half for each panel. Not taking 10 sec for each panel but definitely removed easier than used to seeing for removing Dusted. Will definitely use this method again. Thanks
  4. Going to need to remove an old band of 3M dusted crystal from office and conference room glass fronts. On some of these they are having new film installed. On some they are not having new film installed. I have already warned them about visible scratches where no new film is going on. I saw old topics about removing Dusted using plastic bags and water with soap or ammonia solutions. Since there will be no sun on this glass can anyone who has done similar to this recommend the best way to remove this? Still use plastic bags and water with soap or ammonia? Thanks
  5. Was just about to post something on this but you beat me to it. Would like to have the distraction markers contract for that bldg. Doesn't it have miles of glass? Offer them upper and low rows of apple logo markers.
  6. Can anyone recommend a paper cutter to use to cut film for samples and for divided lite installs? I have one that is crap and would like to replace it.
  7. Interesting Film

    Yep. The vertical install is important to know. Did a mockup yesterday and only worked when installed vertically. Installing horizontally right out of the box would've been an easier install with much less waste of a humongously expensive film. All those 32" wide panels need 48" wide film since can't split them with anything else. And will need to either cutdown on the glass to the desired height using a straightedge or maybe somehow precut.
  8. need help identifying a film

    Has anyone installed this? I will be doing a mockup and looking for install advice.
  9. Protinting, The odd sunny day, you'll get them even in Northern England, can cause problems. Limo tint on residential windows could cause trouble. There are some dark, somewhat reflective films that would have lower heat absorption and be safer.
  10. Edge Sealers

    Thank, Tom. We are trimming the ones that are slightly peeling where an 1/8" to 1/4" smaller height would not be noticeable. Have been a few that have peeled back too much and have had to replace a few panels. It's on butt glazed glass and we are installing pulled back a little from the silicone gasket. Trying to figure an easy way to dab a tiny bit of not noticeable sealant at film corners to eliminate the issue. Have seen little cartridges of glue that can be put on that way but probably too noticeable on the glass and don't know how they would react with film.
  11. Having a problem where some Fasara film installed years ago in a band on a large project is slightly peeling at corners. Maybe from their cleaning crew? Project is ongoing and more work is being done now. Can anyone recommend an easy to apply edge sealer we can use now on the new film and also going back on the old film that will not be as noticeable on the glass as nail polish would be.
  12. white frost install question

    Would not be great for glare reduction. It would somewhat diffuse direct sunlight but it would not be as effective as would installing a dark, low light transmission film. Would be relatively safe in terms of breakage as these films are low heat absorption.
  13. This is a recent pic I got from a customer we did a large Fasara film install for. This film is about 3 to 4 yrs old. Does this look more deliberate or more like the cleaning crew wiping up at the corners and over time the film starting to lift? A few other areas had this starting but not as bad. I told the management co. to speak to the cleaning crew about not wiping up at bottom corners. Does anyone seal film like this at the corners?