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  1. Even after using steel wool I still had puckers I had to babysit. They showed up in both of the top corners.
  2. Trip the glass up, cut your pattern, install, file edges for a clean factory look.
  3. Non of the cars listed should even be aloud on the road anymore. Is the Panther series left over 3M Panther?
  4. Haha YA cause 100X40=1200X40/144= 2 pumpkins = the house of purple pancakes on mars. Right! ?
  5. The 0000 steel wool should do the trick like everyone has pointed out. On occasion you still might get on or two puckers. what I have found works really well is, push down on the pucker/peanut with your thumb until your helper tells you it's out. Have him heat it as hot as he can without frying the glu and keep you finger pressed against it for as long as you can stand it. When you let go it should be out. No smeared glue from trying to push it out. Dry shrinking also always seems to work best for me to prevent peanuts. ????
  6. YA didn't answer lol
  7. I give up lol. I guess I'll never find out who makes this film.
  8. Soooo who? And where? Is it made. The suspense is killing me lol
  9. I'm still waiting for an answer to this question.
  10. Any decent installer should get a near perfect job on a 2013 Charger. Maybe they didn't tape the seals and pull the scraper seal. Honestly though if it's a good shop that cares about return service they will redo it.
  11. I'm 45 years old 69" tall and a ton of fun to drink with. 95% of film I install is on cars and after every car I do I say I am going to retire, but then I get payed and think maybe just one more. I never turn down work I just price it high enough to make it worth my time.
  12. NM I found it in another thread
  13. Do tell how do you pull them?
  14. what is this process with Elmer's glue? straight glue to the clean glass, install film and squeegee hard out??? Use the elmer's blue school glue as a filler in between the dots. Pull the film back off the dots and lay two or three beads of glue across the dots then with a hard card wrapped in a towel evenely squeege it out of the top. Looks great for a few years but I have seen some turn a brownish color over time.
  15. Let's not forget the 1983 Porsche 944 with the rear window wiper motor LOL.