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  1. Legacywf.com

    I just did a rear window of a Ford Fusion with the Carbon 5 and it was 21 degrees outside. Your right the adhesive is very aggressive. Didn’t have to worry about touching up any fingers. As far as the pic above. I definitely don’t want film that fades like that. I also didn’t see a film from the legacy samples called “premium”. I know every manny sells a low end film that fades or discolors are you sure that isn’t express window film?

    All these new rebranded films is crazy.
  3. Legacywf.com

    I haven’t received a price list yet. I’m just concerned about quality and longevity. I should be receiving a sample this week. Time will tell I guess.
  4. Legacywf.com

    What’s up everyone! Haven’t been on TD in awhile. What’s up Ric. I want to know if anyone has experience with this film/company. I am thinking of ordering some auto film but figured I would get some feedback here first. Thanks in advance.
  5. MR. TINT

    Rick thanks for keeping up my business all these years. STILL TINTING!!!!
  6. 2015 Mustang

    Even after using steel wool I still had puckers I had to babysit. They showed up in both of the top corners.
  7. 2013 dodge challenger side windows

    Trip the glass up, cut your pattern, install, file edges for a clean factory look.
  8. Non of the cars listed should even be aloud on the road anymore. Is the Panther series left over 3M Panther?