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  1. BIG E

    Messed up twice already

    The bottom of that window needs to "snap" into what I call a reverse curve. Sunbreakers is correct, tension is your friend on this one, the bottom, outside edges only need to shrink at the very bottom, and when installing the bottom center snaps back into a reverse curve compared to the rest of the window.
  2. BIG E

    Why do I get little dot bubbles?

    It most likely is your enviroment , lines or clusters are usually caused by cleaning or handling issues. Scattered specks can be blown in to the window film with exposed adhesive, it can be contamination from your slip solution etc!
  3. BIG E

    Why do I get little dot bubbles?

    Are they scattered throught the window, or they in lines or clumps?
  4. Kind of long winded, skip forward a few minutes and watch, then comment!