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Found 9 results

  1. To continue with the spirit of giving to the faithful members of Tint Dude, we thought it no better a time to Giveaway something that everyone can use. This month we are going to give away film from our ever popular FXtreme2 Series Nano-Ceramic window film. This window film is one of the Top Performing Nano-Ceramic window films in the industry and is a great compliment to any vehicle that is demanding looks and performance!! This raffle/giveaway will run for the entire month of February ending on the 28th at Midnight Pacific Time. The rules are simple; open to All members of TintDude (excluding mannies or representatives), every post you make constitutes an entry, Back to Back posts will be excluded, the more you post the more chances to win. Winner will be selected the morning of March 1st, 2017 via Now for what you will win!! (2) 60"x100' rolls of SolarFX FXtreme2 Nano-Ceramic Window film 5%, 20%, 30%, 35%, 40%, 45%, 50%, 70% (1) Original Black Feel the FX Black Tshirt (1) New SolarFX Moisture Wicking Sport Shirt (1) Choose one hat, from Sn@pBack or Tactical style (1) 3'x8' Outside Window Tinting Banner (1) 24"x36" SolarFX Wall poster (3) Cans of our SolarFX Tint Safe Foaming Glass Cleaner (3) Cans of our SolarFX TintFuel regular flavor Energy Drink (3) Cans of our SolarFX TintFuel sugar free flavor Energy Drink Free Shipping in the continental USA. Good luck to everyone and Happy Posting!!!! Shawn
  2. I'm a Sales and Film Tech here at Rayno Window Film's Distribution Center in Orange, CA. Just wanted to reach out to those that might be curious about some of the things we've got going on. I've been installing film for 31 years and have been around the block once or twice. I just can't be fooled by a cheap imitation. I personally was blown away by this product and suggest that anyone who cares at all about film performance, and/or their bottom line, should at least take a closer look at Rayno's Phantom. We're talking cutting edge, patented technology you won't find anywhere else. Feel free to contact me for sample roll. 714-771-3456-office, or text me anytime @ 949-201-6083.r more info and a free
  3. Solar Gard Ultra Performance Tint installed on a 2015 Q60 Coupe. Find them at Front: 30% Rear: 20% Back: 20% Material?? Have no idea. Shop says ceramic, Solar Gard says not ceramic. Clarity? Pretty bad! Especially in direct sunlight... See the haze? And these are just photos. Imagine how bad it is in real life! Tint has been installed for about 1 month now. Here is another shot at around 3pm... Truck blocking the sun. Not to much hazing. This is what they call "Ultra Performance offers industry leading film clarity for unaltered visibility and safe driving." And I cleaned the windows on both side today. For the price I paid: $460 installed. Compared to other Ceramics I've dealt with, this Ultra Performance line is a huge disappointment. Definitely not worth what I paid for it. I wouldn't even have it on my car if it was free. The haze effect you get during the day is annoying! Out of 5 stars. I give the tint itself a 1 out of 5. And if you look at the photos, you too would have to agree. Stay away from the Ultra Performance tints! It's garbage.
  4. Ceramic being the new buzzword these days, has created a lot of misinformation in the AUTOMOTIVE tint world. Should we really be selling the new nanotechnology films as quote "ceramic"?? There are all kinds of new ways to create a window film with amazing properties of heat rejection/absorption, along with durability and optical clarity. Not all of these films that perform in this way are actually a ceramic. While there are ceramics involved and the properties of ceramics help make these new films perform well; the word "ceramic" has kinda gotten out of hand. IMO Not every customer is a candidate for ceramic film. My question is: Is there another way we can market these high performing films without using the term ceramic? Can we figure out a way to market and sell film on performance alone? Or at least figure out a new terminology that doesn't create so much confusion among the general public. The problem I see: Sellers are uneducated on their products and mislead the buyers by not offering the proper information about the film they are selling. Hence the buyers calling asking about the clear film that blocks 97% of the heat? The solution: I have no idea
  5. We at Flexfilm know that your busy season is in full swing and we wanted to lend a hand by hosting a raffle for FREE film and installation tools! This raffle will close at 12pm EST on July 31. Every post constitutes an entry and there is NO limit as to the number of entries you can have! Enjoy! Panaflex (Nano-Ceramic Charcoal) 20% 24" x 100' Roll Terraflex (Color Stable Nano-Carbon) 35% 20" x 100' Roll Tint Tac Quart Pre Tac Quart Flexfilm 10' Pocket Clip Tape Measure and Pen Lil Chizler (Pink) 4" 3M Blue Squeegee White Hard Card Gasket Push Stick (White) Platinum Smart Cardz Titan Squeegee The Bulldozer Heavy Duty 1" Razor Scraper NT Pro A1 "Red Dot" Knife White Scrub Pad (2)
  6. Well ladies and gentlemen, I would like to take a moment to thank everyone that participated in our October Spooktacular Raffle. Thank you Ric (TintDude) for allowing us to participate in this great forum and allowing us to hold the raffles to reward the great members of this website. The final tally was 1,721 entries into the raffle. I have gone to to enter the start number of 2 and the final number 1,721. The number that was randomly selected was: The winning number is post 1,547 Congratulations to Booms for winning the SolarFX Spooktacular raffle. Please either call me Monday at 800-825-3746 or email me at with shipping information so we can ship out your prize package. Thank you again everyone for playing. Shawn Vogler SolarFX Window Films
  7. Well, it is October. October ushers in Fall, the leaves turning colors, cooler temperatures, and Halloween. We thought we would turn up the heat on the colder outside temperatures. So, why not a super crazy raffle (I will definitely be called on the carpet for this one). We are giving away some of our FXtreme Ceramic film this raffle. Our FXtreme Ceramic film is touted as being amongst the best ceramic films in the industry. This raffle will run for the month of October, ending on 10/31/14 at 12:00am pst. All members of Tint Dude are eligible to enter, and every post constitutes an entry into the raffle. At the completion of the raffle a number will be randomly selected by out of all entries. Now for the Spooktacular prize booty: (1) 60"x50ft roll of our FXtreme Ceramic Window Film, Free Custom Cut (70% VLT Excluded) (1) SoundStream Bluetooth Tower Speaker System (1) SolarFX Window Films T-Shirt Good Luck to all and I hope I have a job after this one!!! Shawn
  8. We are pleased to announce our **NEW** 70% Ceramic Window Film. This product has been in development for a while and is now in stock and shipping. This film has turned out beyond our expectations. With its beautiful light bluish hue to its stellar performance, our 70% FXtreme Ceramic film will give your customers the highest level of comfort in their cars in a very light colored film. The specs on the film speak for itself: VLT% 70 TSEt% 35 TSEa% 58 TSEr% 7 VLT%7 UV Rejection >99 GR% 24 TSER% 48 (yes, that is correct) We already have one TintDudian that has purchased some of this product and is in route to him now. I'm sure he will share his thoughts here after using the film. As always, if you have any questions please give me a call at 800-825-3746. Shawn Vogler
  9. Here is the latest video. I found a way to describe our different window film technologies without having to get so technical. Enjoy the video!