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  1. To continue with the spirit of giving to the faithful members of Tint Dude, we thought it no better a time to Giveaway something that everyone can use. This month we are going to give away film from our ever popular FXtreme2 Series Nano-Ceramic window film. This window film is one of the Top Performing Nano-Ceramic window films in the industry and is a great compliment to any vehicle that is demanding looks and performance!! This raffle/giveaway will run for the entire month of February ending on the 28th at Midnight Pacific Time. The rules are simple; open to All members of TintDude (excluding mannies or representatives), every post you make constitutes an entry, Back to Back posts will be excluded, the more you post the more chances to win. Winner will be selected the morning of March 1st, 2017 via Now for what you will win!! (2) 60"x100' rolls of SolarFX FXtreme2 Nano-Ceramic Window film 5%, 20%, 30%, 35%, 40%, 45%, 50%, 70% (1) Original Black Feel the FX Black Tshirt (1) New SolarFX Moisture Wicking Sport Shirt (1) Choose one hat, from Sn@pBack or Tactical style (1) 3'x8' Outside Window Tinting Banner (1) 24"x36" SolarFX Wall poster (3) Cans of our SolarFX Tint Safe Foaming Glass Cleaner (3) Cans of our SolarFX TintFuel regular flavor Energy Drink (3) Cans of our SolarFX TintFuel sugar free flavor Energy Drink Free Shipping in the continental USA. Good luck to everyone and Happy Posting!!!! Shawn
  2. "It's the most wonderful time of the year" "Tis the season to be jolly" These are just a couple phrases that are commonly heard during this time of year. At SolarFX Window Films, we are very thankful for all of our loyal customers and all of the loyal Tint Dude members that have supported this forum. Since Christmas is known as the season of Giving, what better time to do another Giveaway as a "Thank You" for the awesome support we receive from everyone. This Giveaway will run from December 1st thru Midnight PST December 25th. As always, this thread is open to any and all Tint Dude members. Vendors are encouraged to participate in this thread but are not eligible to win. Every post in this thread will be one entry into this giveaway (back to back posts do not count). One post will be randomly drawn from all posts made during the giveaway on Monday December 26th when the winner will be announced. The more you post the greater your odds of winning. One randomly drawn member will win the following items: (2) 40"x100' Rolls of CarbonFX Color Stable Premium Lifetime Warranty film, winner selects VLT's. (3) Cans of 19oz SolarFX Foaming Glass Cleaner (6) Cans of SolarFX Tint Fuel Energy Drinks (1) SolarFX T-Shirt (1) Orca Rocket Can/Bottle cooler (1) Orca Cafe 20oz cup/mug to keep any beverage hot or cold Good luck to everyone participating and Feel the FX! Shawn
  3. Hello everyone, sorry it took so long to get to picking the winner of the SolarFX Window Films July film giveaway. Now, the moment you have all been waiting for: The number that was drawn by was post number 502. That post was made by JH812 saying he had just picked up a Monster Energy drink. LOL (at least you will have some SolarFX Tint Fuel for a couple days!!) As always, a BIG THANK YOU to Ric for the opportunity to give back to the members of this forum and to everyone that took time out of their month to participate in the raffle. JH812, give us a shout so we can get your winnings on UPS and on the way!! Shawn
  4. Hello everyone, 4th of July is almost upon us and the dog days of summer are in full swing. We hope that everyone is slinging a lot of plastic during this heat wave!! To help one of you out, we are going to give one lucky Tint Dude member (1) 40" roll of SolarFX CarbonFX to increase your profitability, (24) cans of Tint Fuel energy drinks to help you make it through the days, and (1) Orca 27oz Chaser cup to keep your drinks nice and cold. Here's the details: This raffle runs from 7/1/2016 to 7/31/2016. This giveaway is open to all Tint Dude members in good standing. All you have to do is make a post, that simple. Every post you make counts as an entry into the raffle, the more you post, the greater your odds of winning. (back to back posts will be disqualified) On 8/1/2016 one post will be chosen by the website for the winning post. Winner will receive the following products: (1) 40"x100' roll of CarbonFX Color Stable film. Winners choice of VLT from 5, 15, 20, 30, 35, 43, 50% (24) cans of SolarFX Tint Fuel energy drinks. Available in Regular or Sugar Free. Winner selects the mix. (1) Orca 27oz Chaser Cup. These cups outperform the Yeti cups in side by side testing. FREE SHIPPING!! Good luck to everyone and happy posting!! Shawn
  5. Hello everyone, I hope that everyone had a super busy April. Well, it is that time again to announce the winner for the April SolarFX giveaway. This month there were 991 qualified entries into the giveaway. We use to randomly select a number that corresponds to a post in the actual giveaway thread. The winning post number was post number 508, as shown in the attached photo. The winning post #508 was made by Bham. Congratulations Bham, please get in contact with us to choose your winning VLT's of film and your choice in Tint Fuel. Thank you everyone for taking the time to participate in our giveaway and thanks to you also Ric for your tireless hours you spend making sure we have a place to play!! Stay tuned for our next giveaway!!!
  6. Thank you to everyone who entered to win our SolarFX Tint Fuel Raffle!! Although it is April 1st, this is not an April Fools Joke. This month we will be offering up our CarbonFX series Premium Lifetime Warranty Film again. We have received such good reviews about this film we thought we would give away more of this awesome film. Our CarbonFX film is a beautiful rich, Color Stable, Deep Dyed Black film that is a 1.5mil, 2 ply film that has a very nice shrink, exceptional clarity, agressive adhesive, Great SRC and is available in almost every VLT needed accross the USA. This raffle runs from 4/1 thru 4/30 2016. Every post constitutes an entry into the raffle so post as often as you can. A winner will be drawn at random from all entries by the website The winner will receive the following items: (2) CarbonFX 40"x100ft rolls from the following VLT's 5, 15, 20, 30, 35, 43, and 50%. (10) SolarFX Tint Fuel Energy Drinks in Regular, Sugar-Free, or Mix SolarFX Window Films "Feel the FX" T-shirt (M,L,XL,2XL) SolarFX Consumer literature SolarFX Premium Lifetime Warranty Cards Good luck to everyone!
  7. Hello everyone. I know that this was a very short raffle only lasting a week, but it was fun none-the-less. So, now to the important part.......the winners of (10) SolarFX Tint Fuel Energy Drinks.......There were 324 posts and selected the following winners: #72 JH812 #11 JH812 (already won) #183 JH812 (already won) #311 JH812 (already won, is he the only one playing?) #118 Flat Rock Stan Congratulations to our two winners jh812 & Flat Rock Stan. If you two would please call me at 800-825-3746, message me, or email me at with your shipping address and whether you want Regular, Sugar-Free, Or a mix, we will get them on the way to you!! Thank you again everyone for playing and STAY TUNED FOR OUR NEXT EXCITING RAFFLE!!
  8. Hello everyone, from now until March 31st, 2016 we are going to give away (10) cans of our SolarFX Tint Fuel to two lucky winners. The Tint Fuel is available in Regular and a 5 calorie Sugar-Free version. The winners can choose to take all 10 in Regular, Sugar-Free, or Mix-n-Match. This raffle will end on March 31st, 2016 midnight PST. We will draw two random winners using to determine the winners. Every post made will constitute an entry into the raffle. The more you post, the more chances you have to win. (please, no back-to-back posts) The only request we have is that the winners post a picture of themselves enjoying the cool, refreshing, burst of energy that SolarFX Tint Fuel can provide. Good luck to everyone, Shawn
  9. It is with great pleasure that we introduce to the Film world SolarFX's newest item release. SolarFX will now be supplying energy drinks to tinters across the USA. In our research, we have found that a large amount of tinters consume energy drinks in large volumes. So, we are going to meet that demand with SolarFX FXtreme Tint Fuel in both regular and sugar-free versions. These 8.4oz energy drinks will be shipping by the end of March and we are accepting back orders for them now. If you have any interest in offering these energy drinks for re-sale in your shops or just for your own consumption, give us a call at 800-825-3746 to order some today.
  10. Many thanks to Shawn and Roger at Solar FX/Dragon Distributing. Film: HFX 20% Great experience with the company and reps so far. The film is easy to handle and install. Looks great with good clarity. Very tacky, dried fast. Nice and reflective as you can tell from the 3rd picture. Will be placing an order soon and using this as my main film based off the quality for the price and quick response times from Shawn and Roger.
  11. Hello everyone and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from what should be the frozen Mid-West. As I was driving to work this morning at 7am I realized that it is December 10th and 55 degrees outside. So for us here in the Mid-West, 55 degree weather in December is T-Shirt weather. Since it is T-Shirt weather, let's give away some T-Shirts. We are going to give away (10) T-Shirts to ten lucky TD members. From now until Midnight December 24th, 2015 PST, every post that is made will be one entry into the give-a-way. On December 28th we will draw 10 random entries using These lucky entries will each win a T-Shirt of their choice. So good luck and post often!! **In order for more people to win, you can only win one T-Shirt (no double winners)**
  12. I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday with their family and friends. In reflecting back over the year for what we are Thankful for, we have been very Thankful for the many new SolarFX Window Films family members we have gained. We made this brand with several simple principles in mind: 1. To build the best product in the industry, at every price level of film that we offer, and offer it at a very reasonable price for the quality received. 2. To provide superior customer service that 43 years of business has taught us to deliver. 3. To treat every SolarFX Window Films customer like family and not just a $$$ figure. We feel that we have delivered on these principles and will continue to do so in the future. So thank you for all of you who have decided to "Feel the FX"!! Now on to what you really want to know........And the winner is: There were 2,354 total posts with 46 contributing members to this raffle. The number that was selected by was post number 2295. The winning post was by Dynamic Appearance, who happened to be the 2nd most poster in this raffle. A big thank you to Ric (tintdude) for your tireless work on this forum. Congratulations Dynamic Appearance and thank you to everyone that took time out of their day to participate in the raffle. Dyanmic please give me a call at 800-825-3746 so we can finalize your winnings!!!! Shawn
  13. Here in the United States, November starts ushering in cooler temperatures, grass turning brown, trees losing leaves, and of course the celebration of Thanksgiving. Here at SolarFX Window Films we are very thankful for and all our loyal customers who have helped us grow to where we are today. So, in the spirit of "THANKS" and "GIVING" we are having our SolarFX Thanksgiving Raffle. This month we will be raffling off our Vintage series of window film. The Vintage series is one of our best selling series of automotive window films. The Vintage series is a 2-Ply, 1.5Mil, Deep Dyed Black polyester film that has an awesome shrink, spectacular clarity, and aggressive adhesive that we are known for. This film carries our Standard Lifetime Warranty. The Vintage series is available in the following popular VLT's 5%, 15%, 20%, 30%, 35%, 43%, and 50%. This raffle will automatically end on Thanksgiving 11/26/15 12:00am PST. Winner will be drawn by and announced on 11/30/2015. This raffle is open to "ALL" members of Winners outside the continental USA will be responsible for shipping to their destination. Every post counts as an entry into the raffle. The more you post, the greater your chance of winning. The winner will receive the following items: (2) 40"x100' rolls of Vintage Series film (winner chooses VLT's) (1) 10"x100 5% Vintage Series Eyebrow roll (2) SolarFX Window Films Tshirts (sizes & colors chosen by winner) Lifetime Warranty cards FREE SHIPPING (inside continental USA)
  14. Hey everyone, We just received our production samples of the new wall displays. All 7 series of film will be available. 18"X32" w/customizable glass panel for you to mount the VLT's you use. These things are awesome! SolarFX Window Films 800-825-3746
  15. Hey guys, it is time to be mailing out our annual Fall Window Film/Remote Start buyers guide. Be on the look out in your mailbox for this to be arriving soon. To be sure to get one in your mailbox please either PM me your company name and mailing address or email me your company information to .
  16. SolarFX Window Films wants you to Help us find a cure! Shirts also available for purchase for $9.99 ($10.99 for 2XL), we will also donate $5 for each shirt sold. Available in Men's M,L,XL,2XL and Women's S,M,L,XL.
  17. I may get fired for this one, so let me say first it was nice to meet all of you!! In celebration of SolarFX Window Films 2nd anniversary and as a THANK YOU to members for the wonderful support over the past two years, we are having a MAJOR raffle. This raffle is open to all members (international winner would be responsible for shipping) and will run until 11:59pm PST September 30th, 2015. The winner will be drawn by out of all qualifying entries and the winner will be announced on October 1st, 2015. Every post will constitute an entry into the raffle. The more you post, the more chances you have to win. Now for the details: Approximate Retail Value: $10,000* (*retail value may vary depending upon your market and Fair Market Pricing for a Premium Lifetime Color Stable Window Film Installation.) Winner will receive the following items: (3) yes three 60"x100' rolls of CarbonFX Series Color Stable Premium Lifetime Warranty film. VLT's determined by winner and custom cut. (Premium Lifetime Warranty includes film replacement & labor reinstallation for film failure up to customer invoice total) (1) 3'x8' SolarFX Window Films Outside Banner (1) 3'x5' SolarFX Window Films Inside Floor Standing Banner (2) SolarFX Window Films T-Shirts (1pkg) SolarFX Window Films Tri Fold Consumer Brochures (1) SolarFX Window Films Dealer Presentation Folder (48) Premium Lifetime Warranty Cards (1) Free Shipping to winner (48 Lower States, If winner is International they would be responsible for shipping, duties, taxes) Thank you again for your continued support of our SolarFX brand and good luck to all of you!! Shawn SolarFX Window Films 800-825-3746
  18. Hello everyone, I just wanted to announce that we have finally received in our Tshirts specifically designed for women. These shirts are some of the most comfortable shirts available on the market today and cut for a woman. The crew neck makes for a comfortable wear and is more contoured on the sides for women instead of the box style shirts for men. Available in 3 colors Purple, Charcoal, and Black. (The black has the "Feel the FX" front and yellow shield on the back) They are available in S, M, L. Get yours on order today 800-825-3746!!
  19. SolarFX Window Films is proud to announce the upcoming release of our new HybridFX series of window films. The HybridFX is a Hybrid HP film which is Color Stable and carries our Premium Lifetime Warranty. The HybridFX series of film will be available in 5%, 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 45%, and 50%. Isn't it time you "Feel the FX" For more information either PM, email: or call us at 800-825-3746 to speak with a rep for your state. Have a great day, Shawn
  20. Hello everyone and thank you for your patience in waiting for the announcement of our July raffle winner. There was a very spirited participation by many members and it appeared that there was a lot of fun and witty banter going on during the raffle. It totally appeared that Ocala never slept and went the whole month living on 5 hour energy and coffee as he had the largest amount of entries....a whopping 611 posts!!! Now to the part you have been waiting for, the winning number: The winning number randomly drawn from the website was post #442. (BTW, it takes forever clicking on Next Page to find the winners) The owner of post #442 was the number two posting person in the raffle....none other than SteveZFresh (he had 371 posts). Congratulations to Steve and thank you to everyone that participated in the raffle. We truly appreciate all the support the members of this great community give to our brand SolarFX Window Films. SteveZFresh, please PM me, email me at, or give me a call at 800-825-3746 so we can get your winnings on UPS to you. Thank you again everyone and stay tuned for our next give-a-way!! Shawn
  21. Here at SolarFX Window Films we realize that July 4th is Independence Day in the USA. We decided to celebrate the whole month with a Raffle for our Vintage Series window film. The Vintage Series is the little brother to our ever popular CarbonFX Black Color Stable Series film. The Vintage Series is a tried-and-true film with a rich, black tone. The Vintage Series is a deep dyed 2ply, 1.5mil, Color Weatherable Polyester, Lifetime Warranty film that will hold up beautifully in any climate. This film will improve installation time and increase productivity. Benefits to installation: Very aggressive adhesive eliminates fingering, great optical clarity with no distortion. Unmatched scratch-resistant coating and static free for plotter friendly cutting. The Vintage Series film is available in 5%, 15%, 20%, 35%, 43%, and 50% VLT's. This raffle is open to "ALL MEMBERS" of the Tint Dude Forum and will end July 31st, 2015. Every post will constitute an entry into the raffle and the more you post the greater chance of winning. Winning entry will be drawn at random utilizing to select winning post number from all eligible posts. The winner of the raffle will win the following items: (1) 40"x100ft roll of Vintage Series Window Film Your choice of VLT (5, 15, 20, 35, 43, or 50%) (1) 10"x100ft roll of Vintage Series Eyebrow roll in 5% VLT (1) SolarFX Tshirt (choose from Military Green, Charcoal, or Black) (1) Free Shipping** If winner resides outside Continental USA, winner responsible for shipping and any duties/taxes. Good luck to everyone and let the Raffle begin!!!!
  22. This just in......SolarFX Window Films has just received our long awaited new ULTRA series Color Stable Premium Lifetime Warranty film in a new 55% VLT. Our number one selling Ultra Series now has the 55% VLT for those states that need a little higher VLT to meet their state law. The Ultra Series Film is one of the most comprehensive film lines in the Automotive Film Industry. We have the following VLT's available in this great line: 5%, 15%, 20%, 30%, 35%, 40%, 45%, 50%, 55%, and 70%. Give us a call if you are in need of this little gem to make your customers LEGAL. 800-825-3746
  23. Hello everyone, I know that you are all anxious to find out who won the June SolarFX Window Films CarbonFX raffle. Well, let's not delay any further the announcement. The number drawn by was post number 137 Post number 137 belongs to none-other than our most gracious, illustrious host and forum leader Tint Dude. After consulting with Tint Dude, he withdrew his post as an eligible entry into the forum and asked that another number be drawn. The second number drawn by was post number 163 Post number 163 belongs to Bham Congratulations Bham, please get in touch with me via PM, email, or call me at 800-825-3746 to select your winnings so we can get them on the road to you. Thank you to everyone who took the time to participate in our raffle. We appreciate the enthusiasm for our product!! Stay tuned for the next SolarFX Window Films raffle coming soon!!!!
  24. 7/3/2015 Hey guys, we are having a Flash Sale on our Classic Series 20% 24" rolls. Please PM me or call 800-825-3746 for your price. This is while supplies last or will end at 5pm Central Standard Time. Shawn