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Paint Chip Repair

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I know when tint is getting slow ,I just did a paint touch up on a car, and a dealership owner wants me to paint his golf cart....im going to make some "Id rather be tinting" licence plate frames for the work vans.

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wow! been there done that!

I got 5 days in florida, trained with a great guy who also did pdr and trained pdr guys and made the tools.

remember that paint touch up is just that a touch up it's not going to hide the chip but fill it in with some color, sometimes not all the time you'll get them where they look great!

paint repair is just that a repaired chip or scratch and there are up to 6 different shades for some colors so you have to have an eye for it or you'll mess the paint up.

if your not doing dealer work then your wasting your money contract with someone who does it and trade work on a referal basis.

does your market bear this kind of work how many people in the yellow pages are there and how many retires are wanting this work done!

if you tint just tint one more car a week most of the time your paints will be sitting there doing nothing for you also how much do you think you can charge for this chip touch up, remember when your done and the customer says well I can still see the chip!!

check out paint bull systems, apperance-plus.com

I went to appearance plus too. I took the pdr, paint touch up, windshield crack repair, and the headlight restoration class. Honestly, I wasn't too impressed with the paint touch up training. ALMOST everybody can spot buff and brush touch or squeegee on paint. I still can't get the results I would like to have with my airbrush either. I would like to have or be taught a more professional approach.

Nothing against the guys at AP+, I'd just like a way to do my job better.

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there was another place in florida, auto restoration I can't recall if thats the full name :thumb

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My company have maybe the best paint chip repair system in the market. (Our website is only in finish language)

We have computer program to mix right color. Normal and metal colors.

We use laptop or Iphone to choose right color formula and after that we use scale to mix the right color. (paint mixin in 2 minutes)

Perfect color everytime.

Our product ain't the cheapes but it's best in the market.

Normal paint color kit cost 3800€/euro+vat

Metal paint color kit cost 2500€/euro+vat

-Our paint kits have lot's of paint and paint leveler

-very easy and fast to use

Money back quarantee.

Our website address is www.kivenisku.com

ps.sorry for my bad english.

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Throwing your money away,better to buy a plotter if you don't have one.find a pro in your area and give him a call. You will both appreciate it

Plotter for tint??   Pin stripping looks nice!!  I have seen a few guys doing it around... I am curious to what kind of dollars can be made....hmmm


I have taken some steps to learn about ultragloss.biz and am seriously considering it at this point

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