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2005 Amanti

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Top seal is hard enough that it can't be tucked without screwin' it up. Gasket wizards didn't work worth a shiat because there's another hard seal an inch below the top one. So we pulled the panels. No big deal. Easy panels. Remove push screws from front and rear of door frame trim piece and pop it off. All the screws that need removing I pointed out. If you can't get it from're not a panel puller.



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Guest Total tint
what are they trying to make there a baby bentley?


yea you know kia is the hood rich car :DD:lol

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I just did a 2006 with nothing taken out!! Brand new. Guy rushed over from the car dealer planning to go out tonight!! DUI!! :bingo and celebrate his ride!! I used the 1.2ml and a little more slip solution maybe thats why I got lucky it just slipped under with nothing!! Got 2005 this week maybe theres a difference!!

It did take me about 10 mins to heat the dots around the back window!! Any tips? :krazy

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