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tint rookie

scion tc....hardest one yet

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the thing sits in his shop, unless its a trade or car show.....

and its still only 30 on the fronts....aside firm the flames they end up a lil darker.....and red

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I woulda stopped @ the sides. cust wanted the back too though (a bit over the top). fun hand cutting flames when theres them damn defrosters. didnt so much as knick one.

over all.....I was happy as well as the customer. almost 11 hours later.

I dont mind though, I just came off a roughly 100 mile radius, 7car, tintin tour, doing mobile work in my old home town last weekend. (yes they all pay more for me to drive down there, plus I get to write most of it off). this car was a nice break, zone out, just cut and be creative. not the usual same ol same ol.

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