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Guest dimambro2

Need help re-doing someone elses paint job

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I only spray ppg. I beleave in if its not broke don't fix it. :lol6 I use deltron bases then concept clear seems to work the best for me.

Everyone has a favorite, but im with you on the Deltron-Concept combo, Its Killer! :rollin:lol

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Just like the title says, a buddy of mine wanted me to shave the door handles off his car for him and then repaint that section, but heres the catch who ever painted it before I got it didnt do it right at all. The car has pits in the clear, little dimples everywhere he also wanted me to see what I could do about that. any suggestions would be great! I started saving the handles yesterday and will be doing the body work within this week so get those helpful hints in here quick.


Chris :poke

Should find out paint code and either try and spot paint it or reshot whole panel.. No other way.. Without seeing it in person hard to say what else to do.

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