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soap to water ratio

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This is an old post but I ran across it looking for the answer to this question. Here is what I discovered. I purchased Moto Shield Pro film. It came with instructions that said to put six drops of Dawn dish washing liquid per 500 ml of water. It seems to work well!

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Oldie but a goodie and most asked. My opinion follows:

For a spraymaster size bottle, which is about a quart/liter.

Using Joy Non Ultra (i also use Dawn Simply Clean, real slippery chit)

8 mls per quart/liter for sides

12 mls per quart/liter for back glass (i need a little more slip for my install. i'm not super fast)

i use multiple bottles, also have another bottle for cleaning only using Dawn 4X Platinum.

Reasoning being the slip has the weakest cleaning (acidic) content, but still has all the good slip.

The rule of thumb with slip is one ounce per gallon, it's more like a starting point for you to find depending on factors like the film your using etc.

An ounce is about 30 mls, so a quart would use a quarter of that being 7.5 mls. So start with 8 mls per quart. It seems to work.

Yes i overthink things to death.

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