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Tint Dipping?

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I agree with Ryker... The exposure of car windows and tint on those windows can't compare to items such as sunglasses and stuff. Not even close to being the same.

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i once had a guy swear to me that he watched as a guy split his window in 2, applied tint, and then put the window back together!  and also that he used to have them "smoked" in a machine so they were "factory" tinted.


funny that he couldn't remember where it was done or who did it-he just remembered watching as it was done.

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Factory tint on autos is a electrical process that only the big manifacturs can afford. It's kinda a deep dip in solution simular to galvanizing metal. 

I have tinted in around 12-14 countries and saw windows in either Romania or Ukraine that look like a bad job done in silver film that a local company was doing. Pretty sure it was the same process but with worn-out equipment! 


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