Taking the windows out? is it the best way?

Window out  

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  1. 1. Is it best to take the car window out for a perfect tint

    • Window to be taken out
    • Dont need to take window out

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My :thumb

We remove windows for security film to get complete glass coverage and we carry out the standard tint in situ.

Windows in is quicker in 99% of all cases and there is no difference at all in quality. :lol6

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Second, I had ANOTHER '03 Accord today and still couldn't find that torx screw on the 1/4 that another thread has discussed. Where the hell IS that thing? :thumb I'm tired of leaving that rubber reveal showing. No custys have complained but if there's a better way then I want to know it! :lol6 thanks

The screw is on top of the frame under the soft rubber . If you look at the post that the window sits in and follow the post all the way to the top of the door frame where it closes against the car to seal off you will see the soft rubber gasket . Lift the soft rubber up in the place where the post is located and you will see the screw . You will need to pull the door panel to get to the bolt that is behind the panel, should be a 10mm bolt . So you will remove 1 screw on the top of the door and 1 bolt behind the door panel on each back door .

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Guest Ajushhi_tint

Take em out. Its better. Its easy for those who cant its very easy! I pull some windows without taking a single screw out or the panel. 

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Tinting has changed back in the day like wayyyyy back they used to take out windows. It's not necessary anymore. I do know guys that do it. for example I recently had to do an 83 k6 and my friend wanted to pull out the window, we didn't and it turned out great. Techniques have changed and and it's absolutely not necessary with today's cars. So idk me personally I wouldn't need to do it knowing how to trim rubbers really help. Truly idk who would do it on any car from the 80s forward. I've done classic cars to and still didn't have to pull out a window. Sooooooooooo

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