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Madico Film

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FS: Madico Solar Control & Safety Film.

50% OFF from Retail $SAVE$

Brand New Boxes

*Condition: New, never used.

DG-35-CSR (2-mil) 36X100 100% $200.00

LCL-800-XSR(8-mil) 36X100 100% SOLD

RS-220-XSR (8-mil) 48X100 100% $280.00

RS-440-XSR (8-mil) 36X100 100% $200.00

Used Inventory

Condition: Used, open box.

DG-35-XSR* 36X50 10% $30.00

CL-400-EXSR (4-mil) 36X100 80% SOLD

CL-700-EXSR (7-mil) 60X75 60% $250.00

CL-800-XSR (8-mil) 72X100 10% $50.00

CL-800-XSR (8-mil) 48X50 50% SOLD

CL-800-XSR (8-mil) 60X30 100% SOLD

RS-440-XSR (8-mil) 60X100 10% $50.00

RS-440-XSR (8-mil) 72X100 10% $60.00

RS-440-XSR (8-mil) 60X100 10% $50.00

RS-440(2-mil) 36x100 40% $90.00


Prefered local pick up, but it could get shipped within 48 states, no Canada, no International, no kidding!

Also, I have new and used squeeges for both; solar & safety use.

Ships from: Florida, 33323 or 33325

Local pick up: Florida, 33325 only.

Willing to deliver as far as Palm Beach (north) and Miami (south).

For more info, send PM or e-mail:


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