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RX-8 needing wheels/tires/rear taillight

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any one have an opinion on some decent wheels/tires for my 2004 RX-8? This will be our shops show car, so I want it to be tight, we are also adding a partial wrap, window tint, PPF, and a spoiler. It is also my daily driver, and I go on long trips at least 3 times a month, 3+ hours away, so I need them to be able to handle the drive and my driving...LOL.

also, my drivers side rear taillight has condesation in it, I had a mustang do the same thing, are the seals bad in it or ?????

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one of the taillights on my RX8 built up condensation in it. all I did was take it out, dry it out, then reinstall it with some weatherstripping around the edge. hasn't built up any condensation in 3 years :woowoo

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