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Guest TintMeUp

New Corsa SXi

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Guest TintMeUp

what are they like? easy? they look easy, being a newbie I need to know these things lol back quarters look v similar to the old astra,

any tips or replies? or will it be fine?

thanks! icon_mrgreen.gif

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Guest james#70

Is that the same as the 07 corsa VXR. If so did one today, rear quarters are fine, small, flat, and lots of room.

The rear looks pretty flat but does need a fair bit of shrinking especially on the 2 bottom corners, set your anchor slightly further down.

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Yeh pretty easy car.

One thing I would do though is remove the plastic cover in the back to give you that bit extra room for your install. Its worth it in my opinion for the time it takes to remove 2 screws.

Pics below of cover in place and removed to show difference.



We did this in an 8% on the back, no tint on the fronts!


back glass shrink, aint too bad at all.


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