Vauxhall Astra van 2006 reg uk spec

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Hi all,

Ive got to do a Astra van front windows (clear security film) just wondered how easy the door cards are to get off ? Any issues with them ? Any information would be great.


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Guest Tintim

Hope you're charging a decent wedge and fitting a substantially thick film - at least 12thou - otherwise the hassle you will have to get them out will be doubled when the guy comes back saying the fil did not work.

Taking door trims off is relatively easy - just be careful taking off plastic mouldings around the door handle. Take all screws out pop any clips free and then ease the door panel up and over the top. The interior seal is attached to the door panel with metal clips - so essentially the panel will be loose and held on only at the top where the interior seal is - hence the reason you have to ease it over or peel.

Glass out is the only way to fit security film properly - otherwise when broken it will just fall into the car. These have plastic ball socket style clips which have to be released very carefully and they are tough as hell - otherwise you can bend the window regulator arms which will cause problems with the window operation.

Forewarned is forarmed - good luck.

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Cheers for the info sorry I meant to say clear uv film got so much on at the mo !! Im not gonna take the glass out just the door card off so it goes in the bottom seal nice.

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