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Guest tintmax

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Guest robrob75

My business is named Spokane Graphics & Glass.

18+ years Window Tinting

9+ Years Paint Protection Film



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Bobwires Audio

My Dad's name is Bob. Long story short, I started charging for stereo installs as a sophomore, and used his business license as an electrical contractor. He was going to close his company up so I started Bobwires Audio when I was 18.... He didn't close.... now there are 2 Bobwires here. :spit

We do stereos, remote starts, HID and LED lighting, detailing, and tint, just to name a few.

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Guest sunshine ray

after dealing with some extra picky dirt bag tweaker customers over the years bringing in their less than perfect say.... 1970 pinto and want it perfect I thought a name like.... DIRTY HAIRY TINTS might work. but maby for the super discount guys a name like.....low ballers SHAVED TINTS -N- GLASS. or maby......low ballers SHAVED TATTOOED -N- PIERCED TINTS ahhhhh.... or maby I should just move to a better neighborhood and get my sick and twisted mind out of the gutter...hmmmmm

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