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Liability on illegal window tint

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11 hours ago, smartie2shoes said:

Yeah, you're right Tom, ethics deteriorated long ago and simply

made way for him.


As to mannies policing their product, your point does not hold up. What of gun mannies (gun violence), toaster mannies (dropping 'em in bath water), knife mannies (stabbings), car mannies (speeding and drunk driving, etc.), spray paint (huffing) and on and on and on we can go. T


Laws are set forth for us to abide by; not tap dance around them or point the responsibility finger toward another when we individually choose to stray. Violate them and you face consequences. Limo tint is legal in every state in the US though, not in all cases; it was requested and designed for use on limousines and tour buses. Just because it's sold in all states doesn't make it okay to install to any glass. NHTSA and the film mannies agreed upon the reminder found on boxes of auto film today that warns of its proper use. Ethical responsibility (edit: for the buyer) to abide by laws kicks in at the point of purchase.

I'm going to have to disagree on this with you. Your side or the argument is that the spoon made me fat.. and the gun killed the kid.. simply not the case at any time. As far as how this relates to Window Film, it's a pretty simple metric to control if the mfrs wanted to ( they don't ) .. So inevitably, the auto sector of this industry will continue to struggle for relevance. And continue to see lower quality entries into the system. 

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This is  a wide open topic and a touchy one at that. I have been tinting for over 30 years and would not be in business if I were to only do legal film. With that being said I do understand liability but at some point the driver has to be held responsible for their choices and actions. Does the car manufacture get sued and lose their business because their car goes faster than the speed limit and was involved in a crash that killed someone while speeding? The driver chose to speed and disobey the law. Does Budweiser get sued because someone was drinking their beer and killed someone while drinking and driving? The answer is I don't know? I'm no lawyer but in this day and age you can be sued for anything at anytime.

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