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Maxpro films?

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I saw a YouTube video about ASWF's state of the art facility which featured a tandem coater-laminating; just curious if MP has the same capability? :blink

Would that be current technology?

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Guest tintpro2007

MaxPro offers a very nice film. Both lines of automotive as well as flat glass. I personally use all of their films and have seen film 4 years old that has no issues. I live 45 minutes from the NC plant and personally toured it last Tuesday. Very nice an up-to-par plant. I can gurantee it is not a reboxed film, I recommend it highly. I also use Huper Optik for my ceramic line.

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State of the art current?

That's what I was asking. I don't know what the current state of the art machines are referred too



Hi Tom,


Tandem coaters are no longer novelty items.  They have been around for more than 10 years that I am aware of.


Just to be clear about something:


The purpose of a tandem coater is to increase throughput, by performing the entire process with a single pass.  There is no correlation between tandem coating and increased quality.  In fact, if not handled properly, they introduce a long list of additional risks and variables.


All manufacturers (not just in our industry) strive to increase productivity, throughput and margins.  Tandem coaters allow for this.


The alternative to a tandem coater is to produce the film in multiple passes.  This technique served our industry quite well for decades and is still in use today.  So if your manufacturer is "bragging" about tandem coating, it has no bearing on the quality of their films.  It just means they can make them in less than half the time.



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Guest koookstr

I've been using MaxPro for a few years now as a entry film. Don't move much of it though. Over all it's ok, shrinks pretty good. This week I had to replace a door glass for one of my customers that the dealership had scratched. After 2-1/2 years it was looking a bit purple. I had used the Pro Plus 50

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