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SC Violation

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My local shop does all the cops cars. He said 18 is what u can get away with in SC. Is there any truth to this?

The state law for SC is 27%. Beyond that, it would be up to each individual officer as to what they would write a ticket for. Just because officers from one city say they would allow 18% does not mean the rest of the state would allow that %. If you go below 27% you would more than likely be ticketed if you travelled out of the jurisdiction that said they would allow down to 18%.

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I tinted windows in Florence for a long time and no 18% is not legal on the front 2 windows 27% is the legal limit. Your Xb is a MPV and you can tint the back as dark as you want.  Myrtle Beach is really bad about tint tickets I used to go there all the time lucky for me I never got stopped for it.  Print the state law paper from IWFA and take it to court and show the judge.  Just make sure the 2 fronts are legal as they have been known to inspect the vehicle for proper tint.  And dont forget the sticker verifying the tint darkness in the corner or it will still be illegal.  After court tint over the legal and your sticker will still be there and appear legal from a distance because most cops look for the sticker to determine legality. 

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