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Mobile Peel Board

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Guest Malcolm E Boo

something like that

You've seen the training centre then :)

Something like that :D

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I just peel off the car now. i used to use a peel board. if you call a local glass shop and ask for used double pane windows with seals gone you can get them for free. when double pane commercial seals go bad they warranty them and break them. just put a request in if they dont have them in stack

free-fifty is my favorite price. i used to have 2 4x6 i hauled in my blazer for mobile tinting

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I have a small about 2 1/2 feet by about 4 feet shower mirror that fits perfect in my Nissan Frontier short bed truck for my mobile tint jobs. :)

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Guest sunkool

Here is mine

Has 12 volt sprayer built onto it. 149. for tool box and 40 for the 1/4" plexi glass peel board.





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