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Damaged demister lines (Daewoo Kalos)

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I just had a customer contact me because I tinted his car several months ago and he said now the cold weather has come he's noticed all but one heater line is broken. He said he's had the car since new and said this is the first winter they've not worked. I'm sure he's not trying it on or anything like that. So, from his perspective it must look like it's definitely due to the tinting. I wouldn't have done anything silly, just used my normal cleaning scrubber. I'm sure I wouldn't have gone near it with a knife to trim or anything, as it's a simple job. The only thing I can think is if it's one of those cars with demister lines that fall off when you look at them (like Kia Sedonas). Does anyone know if Daewoo Kalos have those heater lines?

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No way you would have seen it falling apart when you cleaned it, Unless your Mr Maggoo lol,

I would bet was like it before you tinted, one line maybe but all but 1, You would have seen the crap like glitter all over your cleaning squeegee

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