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Tennessee Tower Window Film

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The Department of General Services will add reflective film to all exterior windows in the Tennessee Tower to reduce solar radiant heat gain, thereby reducing HVAC energy consumption and increasing occupant comfort

The upfront cost for the window film is $610,000. With an estimated annual energy savings of $362,000, the project is expected to pay for itself in less than two years and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2,451 metric tons per year. The Tennessee Tower was built in 1970, and is the largest state building in Tennessee.


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Guest WKAindustrial

great project.

Ironic that the info is released and they just laid 40 people off in that building.

(gotta fill that budget gap lol)

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Yeah, I worked up there during that era in dept for finance and admin, cis dept. We moved from the bottom floor offices to the 15th and then the 16th floors in a period of a year, it was like musical floors.... I mean chairs. On any given day, and on any given floor, it was either too damn hot or too damn cold, never just right as the temp changed throughout the day, ever day! Many of us  took our own space heaters and on cold days would plug them in under our office cubicles. So many people started doing it that it would pop the circuit breakers and kill all of the PCs and lights.


What really bugged me was its name. Many old timers called it the Life and Casualty Insurance building as they were the ones who originally owned it. Others say Tennessee Tower, and others call it the Snodgrass or Snodgass depending on the lingo.


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