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Cop's Angle On Tint Laws

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That's why I befriended many of the cops in the city I live in... they leave me alone. I guess it helps that I tint their cars too, personal and K9 cars.

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I came across a forum for police officers discussing the Florida tint law. Thought it was interesting (and a bit scary).

There are ways to virtually eliminate, or at least drastically reduce illegal window tinting (yearly inspections or harsh penalties to the installer) but it is tolerated enough so they can stop you when they want to, and not have to worry about violating your personal liberties.

Does anyone else feel this way? Or am I just paranoid...

Another good reason to stay legal


staying legal is no guarantee either.. got pulled over couple years ago with perfectly legal tint and all he could say was "have a good day" once he metered it..

Yeah, there was a case of some guy who was pulled over for "illegal" window tint. I forget the details but let's just say he was from Florida and he was driving through Georgia. Georgia cops pulled him over for illegal window tinting and found a massive amount of //4R1jU4||4 in his vehicle. His tinting was legal for Florida, which makes it legal for him to drive through other states without citation. Anyway, he was arrested and fought his drug conviction on the basis that we was stopped illegaly. The court found that even if a cop simply "believes" that something is illegal he has PC to initiate a stop, whether it is in fact illegal or the cop is simply ignorant of the law.

So.. bow down and obey ye peasants

Got pulled over the other week here in PA for my tint and was given a warning. Upon taking it in to show I removed the tint, the officer said that even the vehicles from out of state, where their vehicle is legally tinted, can still get a fine or a warning for passing through our state. He said the cars from out of state still have to follow the laws of the state they are in. Is this true then?

I get quite a few people who get ticketed just passing through AZ.

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That's why I befriended many of the cops in the city I live in... they leave me alone. I guess it helps that I tint their cars too, personal and K9 cars.

:bingo a very good thing to do us to personally take good care of your local law enforcement :thumb

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State tint regs. Are every where just google it for your state. As for the regs themselves two points to make 1. Set in a car drive a car with 5% all the way around minus of course the windshield. Do this on a dimly lit street. Seeing things from the sides I.e side traffic, pedestrians in the cross walk, ect. These are seriously hampered. Now do that with an untainted or "legal" tint job. Safety issue? Nuff said.

2. Is it against the law yes. It doesn't matter how trivial it is. It could be a tag light, plate border ring, or tinted windows it's still against the law and that's all they need. Does that cop know you prior to pulling you over...most likely not. Sure you maybe clean as a whistle and headed to church ok...but the next guy that gets stopped for the same reason might be an uninsured motorist with a suspended license, and have an outstanding warrant for child molestation. It could be anything the point is the cop doesn't know what your up to till he talks to you. All he needs is a reason to pull you over however small or ridiculous that particular law might be.

Furthermore....in most states a cop just needs reasonable suspicion that a crime has, is, or is about to occur. Does he know your windows are illegally tinted well if it's 5%.- 20% most likely yes if it's say 25% and your state has a 35% net law then no. But all he needs is a reasonable suspicion that the crime of illegal window tint is happening. I.e. Those windows look dark let's check them (good enough for the stop). Now once he meters it and has true evidence or Probable cause at that point and learns from his meter that your windows are illegal. You might be getting a ticket depending upon dept. policies or officer discretion. Then your license comes in to play are you valid? Do you have warrants? Did you just smoke a fat blunt while drinking an open beer?

Then again your valid and no warrants oh you got a verbal warning or written warning for the tint....the officer was being proactive looking for the "bad guys". Sometime...many times they come across the innocent in their search.

Ok so I fell off my legal soap box....time to tint another patrol car so the cop can hang around and explain this stuff some more....lol

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