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How to take of the Holden Captiva door pannel?

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Hi Guys,

I just got one customer coming back because of his driver side film peeled when rolling down the window the first time. He told me he did kept the window unrolled down for 3-days to dry. So I thought it could be the issue of the window gasket rubber (the second rubber below the window covered by the door panel like the Mitsubishi's). I tried to take the door panel off after removing a screw in the handle but not successful. I didn't want to pull to hard because the customer is watching and he is concerned I might break anything. So all I could do is suck the water out under the gasket again and again and tell the customer to leave it longer before rolling down the window. Hope this time is fine.

Does anyone of you have any experience with this car? Any suggestion are appreciated. I am not sure what it is call in US. But it's a Korean SUV under GM brand. Here in Australia, it's called Holden Captiva.



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Just an update on the new 2015 Captiva 7 seater.....the hatch window glass doesn't divide where it once could be lifted without lifting the whole tailgate.

The very latest edition is fully encased into the hatch and gone are those horrible telescopic arm and hinge points as well as the 30mm of dot matrix but be aware that as it is smaller in depth by about 50mm so is the extremes of heat shrinking now required.


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