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Mo Evo

2012 FR-S

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Small sporty rear drive coupe with 200hp. Windows are super easy, except the third brakelight in the rear window that looks like it was pilfered from a Lexus GS. Didn't know how to remove it, so I slipped the film behind it and used my long tools to squeegee the solution out. If anyone figures out how to remove that monstrosity, please share!

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The third brake light is attached to the rear deck, it has to be removed as one unit.

1 lay seats down

2 remove four clips

3 unplug the third brake light

4 optional, remove the side trim by the quarter glass upper, it will hang by the airbag straps. Then the lower piece has a 10mm bolt remove it and it will unclip. You could bend each side up and get it out but installing it may be tricky.

5 use a clip tool and there are four clips in the front hidden like door panel clips. Pop the panel up and remove.







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the 3rd brake light can come apart in 2 pieces. at the seam push up and then slide back and unplug. when putting it back on put the front end down first as there are 2 tabs it has to slide under to fit right. super easy car just a little cramped in the back seat haha

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Got one coming in today. Good stuff here, thanks! Now... customer is saying that it already has yellow windows. Anyone know anything about scion putting yellow dyed glass out?

I may have to just wait and see.

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Did one today as well. The glass has an odd browning color to it. Once tinted you don't really notice it too much though.

And the 3rd brake light is just plain 'ol stupid. :tantrum

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Had one today, had to do dynamat as well so we gutted it and on the rear deck was a small box labeled 'Subaru keyless entry unit'

Just a heads up to be a little bit careful with the water..



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