Audi A4 Third Brake Light

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It's been a while since I last posted. Things have been crazy for me and without you lot and the advice it wouldn't be possible.

I have done a few of these cars now and how do you take the break light out effectively without breaking it?

Everytime I do it I manage to break it or the clips. May be am pulling it to hard or something. Thanks for the advice :).

Hope all you lot are doing well with your adventures to.

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well I havent, but it feels like its gonna break if im replacing it back.

what did you break and how did u replace it then?

one stupid break light :)

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Here is a great link about this issue. Worked for us. It does take some pulling. try to keep the light housing as close to the glass as possible I know its hard with your fingers between the housing and the glass. I slid one side down just a little, 1/8" maybe, then the next, back & forth till it came right off. http://www.diyaudi.c...nd_Install.html

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This was an absolute pain still, and couldn't do it without a hairline. Still, I did this without ever being shown and just looking at this thread. Would of been impossible without it. My fingers definitely weren't the best after it but it does make it look a tonne better, especially in 18.

Thanks for thispost-35797-0-71485400-1392598712_thumb.j

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Had to do one today. figured out to use a 90 degree pick tool to pull the brake light down.

I put my fingers inbetween the light plastic and the glass and the stupid thing cracked. I didn't even pull on it.

That was when I decided to think outside of the box!

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i know how it comes off, but this light is so crazy tight, that i broke two in the row!!! shiiiiiii



$190/one brake light!!!   there has got to be a trick!!! 

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