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2013 BMW 740Li

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This ones a tough one!


Here's a little info for the panel pullers. This one sux cuz the gaskets are one piece all the way around the window (I've seen this on the older LS430 Lex which is even worse cuz the gasket is riveted in, 06ish I think it was).

The back part of the gasket is barely atatched to the rest of the gasket by a tiny piece so I cut it and just let it hang over.

This is for the back door removal. Fronts are the same with the exception of an extra torx & the tweeter.









Here's the front door gasket.




After I put the gasket back in-


35% all around-


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I did one of these, the back window needed some steel wool but took the tint nicely. I didnt think the rear roll downs or 1/4 were too bad, the front ones however.. . . . Well. . . . Thats where he paid the big bucks, the seals are so tight on them, similar to the new 5 series. .. . BMW hates us window tinters :morecoffee

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Is there a BMW medal? Cause you should get one!

Nice work.

Thanx! That would be sweet, but the beamer medal proly entails quite an achievement to be earned. I've searched for the medal description :reading but no luck.

Very nice good-thread.gif

Thanx TD!


BMW hates us window tinters :morecoffee

I could'nt agree more with you!

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"Bad Custy" This medal is for those who have told us about dealing with an impossible customer.

Full list:



Ahh I see. That explains it.

I had one of those too on an X5.

Limo on back over privacy glass and legal on front, came out near flawless with the exception of a few tiny specs on the back where the privacy glass is!

I mean geez who n the hell looks at that especially when the exterior windows are filthy whithin a few minutes just sittin outside. :wall

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do all 7 series have one pice gasket around ?

do I have to remove something on back window?

easy to remove headrest ?

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