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5 gallon sprayer

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I do mostly auto windows with some residential, and I was considering the 5 gallon pressurized sprayer from ewf. Any suggestions before I make this purchase?

If you can afford the 5 gallon stainless, that is your best bet in my opinion. Just make sure you pressurize it before you leave. Nothing like showing up to a job with a tank fill of mounting solution and no pressure. :facepalm2

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Have you considered something like a Hozelock garden sprayer.

Many of us use these in The UK and they have the advantage of being cheap, spares readily available, never have to remember to pressure up, can easily see any contamination in the water.


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Make your own. Go to any brew website or locally and get the tank, the rest you can order from any distributor or make it yourself. There is nothing to building one

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