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Tint Tek 2020

Tint Tek 2020
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saga procut contour 48 for sale

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SOLD! Cuts vynal but not window film. Sold it for $600, lost $250 So someone got a good deal on a vynal cutter. Bought a Vynal Express Q42. They both claim to cut window film, but, what comes out the other side of Saga Procut 1350 cannot be installed on a car. One cut might be cutting through liner and film, then next cut have to adjust force as high as 152 grams and didn't cut deep enough to weed film. After about 3 or 4 trys with tech support , gave up and bought the Q42, cause I paid for a year of tint tek and needed to cut film now. out of last 50 patterns or so cut on Q42, only had one bad one and I think it was from massive static. Hair on arms was standing up when loading roll, and so much static film stuck to its self and had to abort job. I'm 100% happy with what I'm using now. I have hand cut for 25 years and I said I was still going to hand cut one job a week. well,that may not happen.This thing cuts fast, smooth, and accurately So,trying to save a buck on a plotter, and claiming I'm gonna cut a job a week by hand. what the hell was I thinking.

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