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Indiana Tint Laws from a Cops Perspective

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Just passing along some information as I have been tinting in Indiana for about 16 years now, and offering a little insight into our tinting laws in Indiana.  In 2014 Indiana Law Makers decided to treat a Traffic Stop for an "Alleged" Window Tint violation similar to that of a Seatbelt violation.  Which means that if I were to stop a car for a Tinting Violation or Seatbelt, I am required to obtain information to either write a ticket or warning, and release them from the stop in a timely (brief) manner.  This change eliminates an Officer from asking investigatory questions, or asking to search a vehicle.  The only thing that can supercede this is development of independent Probable Cause.  Basically if the Cops smell, see something illegal while at your car your still gonna have an issue. 


Your potential customers may still get stopped and ticketed, but the chances have greatly decreased. 


And, No.  I have never written a Window Tint Ticket as of yet in my 5 years in Law Enforcement.  I have better things to do, and I like to think I am a little more creative than just stopping everyone for a Window Tint Ticket. 


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Yeah, IN is very underenforced in this which is great in my opinion.  I have never even had a question about tint when pulled over and I have had some real jerks too.  Ones that coulda just done it to add insult to injury.  I don't even think about it here.  And apparently no one else does either.  I know and see tons of people with WAY darker than the 30% stated limit, and multiple windshields, including mine.  If IN ever decides to lock down on this we could probably pay the national debt....lol...

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