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04 galant bg he!!

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ok 10 year old 3m tint.

during the removal it left the sticky layer. as usual.

tried steam, spray and sun steam, heat, tint off spray, praying, and more praying.

still nothing is helping. sun steaming did help shrivel it up some.

should i try windex and sun steam again? about to point to just replacing bg.

trying to keep defroster.

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It sucks to have to do it this way.. and you must be very careful when doing this...

 but cut a scrap piece of film about 5x7 inches 7x9 whatever you are comfortable with.  


Spray the stubborn film with windex, place the small scrap on the windex, move to the outside of the glass, heat the area with a heat gun until the windex starts to boil. 

Once the whole section has been boiled a little, quickly move to the inside and carefully take an old chizler and pry an edge of the glass.

 The rest of the section that you boiled should release as you pull.  


This takes forever to do and you have to be careful not to burn yourself, but this method works when sun baking doesn't.   :twocents

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