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Tint samples - sample/spec sheet or full car tint sample

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I've started a new line of tint and wanted to know what samples shop owners would expect?  


Would shop owners prefer sample/spec sheets, back window only, full car?  


I only offer 15%, 35% and 70% VLT and the rolls come in 60".   


Greatly appreciate any feedback.   


Thank you



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Any time I have received samples to try, the company usually offers at least 2 shades, 5-10 feet in length in either a 36" or 40" wide roll. Being that you only offer 60" rolls right now, that would be hard to do unless you have a film handler. 

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Yeah a full car sample would be great.


Not sure what car I would choose....GMC Terrain would hold my crew.

How long do I get to keep it and what film would you install on it.?


Would my wife be allowed to drive it or would I have you send her a sample too.

She would pick a red one.

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