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Blue/Orange/Yellow tri edges opinions

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So I love the tri edges.  Still have yet to find anything that I favor for the quick clean up around the perimeter.  I have tried other things but these just fit the bill.  


The blue I like because I know it is soft and won't scratch but I have noticed that with some of the newer vehicles where the upper rear corner of the frame overhangs the window quite a bit I just don't get the pressure I prefer with the blue or if I have a small spot to work out up in there. 


So I resort to the Orange.  The orange is definitely more firm and provides that extra pressure.  But makes me nervous as far as scratching the film.  I haven't noticed it doing that as of yet but anyone else have experience with that enough to know?


Yellow tri-Seems similar to the Orange but is it harder, softer.....I don't know.  And if it's harder will it scratch?  For what these seem to be designed for it seems as though none of them should scratch but it would be nice to know.  If they don't then I would rather use the orange and yellow as my regulars.

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Orange has been my go to for fixing defects: creases, dirt specks etc. I do find that it can scratch the glass if used too much in the same spot or after multiple uses. So what I do is put a little heat on the area first and then swipe so as to try and swipe the least I can. I also throw them away frequently to avoid scratching. I have blue and yellow ones but hardly fins a use for them.

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orange is my preference.  it is harder so it does not pick up the small dirt particles and scratch.  little sandpaper to clean them up works great.  also it can handle the heat for sealing edges.  melted many ez reach grays.  no problem with orange or yellow.   don't even carry a heat gun anymore and have been wanting a more heat resistant ez reach.

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