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Contamination issues

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Wipe the windows down with a towel and cleaner and when cutting and transferring the film purchase a old sliding glass door to use as a peel board. Problem solved. Like Booms would say, "Your Welcome"  :lol

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Invest in about 10 double size bed flat sheets, color of your choice. Place one sheet in the trunk one sheet covering the entire back seat, and 1 folded sheet on each door seal, if doing a visor or W/S place a sheet covering the entire dashboard. Takes about 1 minute to fully protect the vehicle. And helps with debree from the cars interior. Dog hair human hair etc. Use paper towels or blue or white shop towels for preparations and only clean microfiber towels for finishing. I use a alcohol/water mixture and spray into the microfiber to clean Windows door seals and panels when finished. The sheets to cover the inside of the trunk and the vehicles interior is very important on every single vehicle. Although I have only seen maybe 4 people that acually take the time to protect a customer's car or even a brand new dealer car. Every trunk leaks water every single one. The problem is a tinter, service writer or receptionist will usally not admit fault when something is soaked or ruined. Saying things like "oh we didn't do that we don't touch the trunk or dashboard etc. We only touch the glass. 99.9% of instalers will pass the blame off or deny they damaged anything. The clean preparations and laying down the sheets will put you in a "clean mindset" and will most likely improve any installers final product. Whether your paid commission, flat rate or whetever, protecting the vehicle and a final detailed cleaning and inspection of every single vehicle will set you and your store apart.

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