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heres how i get glass for peelboards.....(mobile or fixed)

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hi guys.....I read thru almost every single post on the tool section....and I cant believe how many people are expecting to pay full price for a peel board......

there is MANY ways to get them.......

1.  ask your contractor friends

2.  get in friendly with a glass shop and ask for bad sealed units..

3.  drive around and ask multiple glass shops.....some of the responses I read it sounds like the glass company didn't have one or the people didn't drive anywhere else......I can think of 3 or 4 glass companies that I know of to check in my area....

4.  RESTORE are a great way to find them cheap.....(recycle stores or habitat for humanity stores)


these large pieces of glass are extremely easy to get as long as you are a resourceful person.  I started tinting 8 years ago and my first 3 years I knew I was going to need a peelboard so I paid attention to large roll away dumpsters, contractor friends, etc........


the cost is always the same....they are usually free.......if you are someone trying to save money (aren't we all) the LAST thing you want to do is call a glass shop and say...ummmm can I have a price on a 40'' by 80'' glass.....(insert any numbers)......they are going to quote you so you pay through the nose!!! (unless you know them)


HANDS DOWN THE BEST WAY TO GET THESE GLASSES ------->  COMMUNITY SPRING CLEAN-UP DAYS.......in my area there is many townships who have a springtime (once a year) weekend where all the residents on the garbage companys route can throw away large items furniture tv stands, shower doors, large glass, unwanted glass, blow seal glass, storm doors, patio doors, more shower doors, mirrors, glass table tops.  these large glass pieces sit in peoples homes and they wait for this EXACT weekend (once a year) to toss this kind of normally hard to get rid of items........check with your local communities to see who has spring cleanup days.....in my area theres maybe 30 townships and boroughs  (in 30 mile radius) that have cleanup days and if you drive around the town on the day before they pick the garbage up you can have YOUR PICK of glasses....no joke....I have gotten about 15 large tempered and not tempered glasses this way (only used 2 of them so far)


if your community or surrounded communities don't have cleanup days then id say find a restore......large glass is ordered by size and the chance of someone walking in there and wanting to buy those old USED sliding doors that are the wrong size are slim......unless its another tinter lol


don't be in a hurry to get a glass....ask around....if you think you want to get a peelboard for your garage or shop the key to getting it for free is START LOOKING EARLY!!!! 

or go to spring cleanup days


(same goes for plexiglass) corex board, plexiglass....(yes new cut pieces and good used) all these kinds of materials are found at cleanup days if glass isn't your thing

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and one more thing why this works so well.......

when driving around town looking for glass doors you usually find 2 of everything

shower doors come in pairs!!!!

sliding doors come in pairs!!!!

sealed glass dual pane is 2 pieces!!!!


so usually when u score at cleanup days....you really score.....

1 night of driving around = glass peelboards for years!!!

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That is a good tip. Can also check with glass shops. The one glass shop I know well has a large panel setting outside the dumpster ... likely awaiting breaking and scoop in. Catch them at the right time and you get freebies.

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