2017 civic hatchback

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I've seen a lot of post about them... Seems like the consensus is to remove the spoiler.. They all day the bottom part required so much shrink it need to come off..

Looked like quite a pile of hardware to get it done tho .... :lol

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Overall, an easy car to tint.....EXCEPT for that back window.... LOL!!!!


It's doable, but the spoiler(s) will need to be removed, and it's alot to remove too!!!!


I removed both spoilers (top n bottom) for ease of shrinking....I also find it easier to shrink up ( anchor it lower towards the bottom) b/c the curve on top is not as extreme as the curve on the bottom....leave extra tint on top and bottom for pulling.



civ hatch_zps22agwngp.jpg

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Here's the removal if it helps anyone.



This was about the hardest part to not damage.  These little clip things need to be pushed from the sides but they are tight and stretched a bit.  Mine were a little loose when I put it back together, but maybe next time I can get it a little better since I can see the clips.





Pop off the covers on the handles and remove these bolts.




These clips also




From there you can pop off the plastic panel.


Next are the bolts for the brake lights.





There is a clip that keeps it attached.  It takes a little muscle to release but I don't think you can really break anything pulling.




There is the white panel across the back next that is bolted on.  





I think this is the spoiler bolt in the middle 




The side spoiler bolts.




Wiper bolts.





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