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 I'm interested in the software aspect, who is going to be up near DAP level. 

My thoughts exactly. The guy I talked to didn't know much of anything about the industry. I asked him about the software and explained that DAP is the bench mark. Seems that everyone else  wants to stay with patterns fitting "good enough".Sadly if a company is not boasting about it and promoting it as the best, and how they put so much time in to development it probably will just be same old same old.


with the advancement of the film in the industry, like premium shield never scratch, Stek and almost instant healing properties. etc. A guy wants to really get on and move forward with the advancement, but if your software isn't up to the industry standard, and the industry standard gets you by the nuts with cut fees etc etc. How does one make the switch? you know what i mean? 

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They told me a price of what he thought it was, but he wasn't 100% sure it was correct. What he told me was quit low, so I don't think that's what it will be.

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Just a update. I never got and return contact from them like they said they would. I have called them for the past few days. No one has answered or returned a call back.

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Hello all, I just found this forum as I was randomly looking out on the internet. I'm not sure if providing an email address is allowed, however if there is a Direct Message function on here, Id be glad to provide a contact email for us here at FlexiShield. Im sorry your calls werent answered, as Im not sure what number you called or is listed. But I would be happy to answer any questions, on top of which I would also encourage you to check out our FlexiShield USA FB page with A LOT of the information you all are discussing. 

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