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I work at different new car dealers and use the rubber door edge guards (the temporary ones that come on brand new vehicles off the car haulers) as a rubber protector to fit over the end of blue max and other vulnerable edges......


the gm ones work the best for me....but im sure theres other ones that will do just fine.  the lot attendants and detailers on the car lots usually take these off and toss them away.....they are also able to be cut easily......they stay on decently well with no modifications and keep edge nice.....


another idea that I use sometimes is.......


theres also plastic V shaped channels that protect rubber wiper blades when they are new..... these plastic channels come on certain wiper blades and also work fantastic for covering the edges of tools if you are always on the go and bring tools with you......they protect the edges from everything else sliding around in your toolbox.....the plastic v channels (at the time of this article 12/7/16) come on TRICO wiper blades and always get tossed by mechanics.....its nothing to get 10-20 per day from a busy garage and they are easy to cut also.  (HINT.....try to take the long ones (26-28'') and you can get multiple covers out of one blade channel)


if someone doesn't understand what I mean ill take a picture...but im not around them at the moment or I would have.....


these things work great for me and are always still on the next time I open my toolbox.....if you work in a fixed shop then you prolly don't wanna cover your tools.....but for mobile people...or just to protect your bluemax at least


hope this helps someone.....did I mention they are usually free or thrown away........ask you mechanic friends for the wiper blade ones and detailers from new car lots for the door edge guards. they are plentiful

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that first pic is of the wiper channels.......and the second pic is a pic of the side view of them......there are different styles...the white one is different from clear ones.....the clear ones are from "trico flex" wiper blades......(different lengths)....I don't know what thee white one came from......I use these on slim foot and go doctor and ones I don't use every single day but still want to carry with me


I still have to take a pic of the rubber ones from gm on the blue max.....

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