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New 2 tinting!! little help guys?

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Whats up tinting forum,


It is great to be here and i am looking forward to speaking with everyone. I have been a lover of cars since i was a child being obsessed with my farther collection. As soon as i was old enough i went to college and studied Mechanics for 3 years then to move on to an actually garage learning the rite way. I have been working for about 5 years now and have made my way up through the ranks. Anyway the only part of cars that i don't know is the Exterior, body work, TINTING WINDOWS etc, And i'm hoping you guys can help me out. I'm not going to lie i have no idea where to start so i thought i would start here at the tools i need to do the job. I would like to start off with the basic tools and the easiest method of applying tints to start off with and then move on as i go. I have seen many tools online from the link below as an example but i don't know which ones to use.. Any advice on tools, tints and techniques would be greatly appreciated guys. 




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YouTube seems to be the learning tools for the installers of today. As far as someone coming in and writing you a book, prolly not going to happen. You have zero knowledge. I believe the best thing you can do to start is to get familiar with this community by looking in older categories and reading tips and tricks from there, get up to speed and practice. There is a lot of info here that these installers spent years of practice and dedication to hone their skills. Too many newbies come around and want it handed to them. Get some film, learn the basics and practice all you can. The more film you waste being new, the sooner you will learn...

There are threads here under tools, techniques that can help you with understanding the material as far as shrinking and where its limits are and then it will come to you if you have it in you.


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My best advice is to find something more profitable to get into. :twocents Too many nickel and dimers in this industry these days which can (depending on your location and the competition)make it next to impossible to make a decent living doing it.

If you are determined to get into this (or any) profession tho, be just as determined to be the best there is. I have taught both of my kids..."even if you are cleaning toilets, be the best damn toilet cleaner there ever was!" Not gonna start preaching, but an ancient book of wisdom makes a similar comment....at Proverbs 22:29.


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As it turns out i'm not init for the money more to just have another skill under the belt. But i do get what you are saying and i appreciate the advice. I will be checking out YouTube but getting the name of the tools might be a little harder but i will give it ago. back soon guys thanks for the reply's    

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