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24 minutes ago, no ma'am said:

That would've made me insane! I guess patience comes with wisdom? Don't think I'll ever have both :facepalm2 


Trust me they pay for perfect! Generally the day after each job I keep my schedule open just in case a finger pops up. I have even spent the night at the Hilton and went back next morning to ask if everything is great and do my own inspection. Again TRUST ME they pay great!

service service service

 I don't send employees since the only time I did the job was in Vcool and I had a church event to attend. They didn't squeegee the water out good enough and I was ask to replace it next day because it was scheduled for customer delivery to some football guy. That little employee lack of caring cost me over 5 thousand bucks! It's all good, I enjoy doing the work and being in complete control over quality :twocents 

Couches are hand crafted on Provost frames out of Canada. Windshields are tricky to say the least using V-Cool 70 not exactly easy to shrink.


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