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Hey guys, Just recently tinted the 2017 Giulia and had an issue with water damage to the amplifier. There has been a lot of talk about this online, unfortunately we found this out after the install. Now we have to replace the amplifier for $1,400. We will no longer be doing this vehicle. I would defiantly do some research on this issue. 

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From what I have read, it is located in the trunk and a huge amount of amplifiers have failed after getting the windows tinted.  We have no gotten one yet, but will be interested in checking what can be done before turning it away.

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14 hours ago, no ma'am said:

That's the new 4 door right? Pin? @TintDude? Please provide more info if available, amp location... etc @kustomrf

 Yes it is the 4 door the amp is located in the truck on the driver side imageproxy.php?img=&key=3caba6fae6cbfd03



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I super appreciate the tag @deadjame5


I probably couldn't find this life saving informative post because I didn't search for Giulia. I didn't end up doing the car though, the customer did decide to go to another shop because I was still a bit busy with other cars. I did tell him to give the other shop a heads up on the potential issues.


Thanks again!











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3 hours ago, flat rock stan said:

Wish me luck, just getting started!

lots of plastic sheeting and microfiber stuffed in there. Anyone know what the string going from the inside panel to the gas door is for?


Thanks Stan I got the Shaving DVDs good stuff thank you

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