WARNING 2017 Giulia

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6 hours ago, flat rock stan said:

Wish me luck, just getting started!

lots of plastic sheeting and microfiber stuffed in there. Anyone know what the string going from the inside panel to the gas door is for?


Went great! Easy to tint, just the stomach churning stuff with 1400 for a amp. Customer was really nice and agreed not to hold me responsible since I went above his expectations to keep anything from happening but who wants to mess up someone's weekend :)

Radio sounded great like when he brought it in so I'm happy!

Global qdp 30 all around.



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On 5/25/2018 at 4:32 PM, quality tintz said:

Real light mist?

Yea! If you just use a spray bottle, get it wet enough to scrub and then squeegee from right to left, no problems. If you drown it with the sprayer you'll probably see issues.

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Hey guys just got a request for this vehicle with the exception that it's a 2018 not sure if they have changed the amp location? Also looking for more info on this vehicle as I'm a gasket puller and don't usually do the high end cars due to custys being to picky and pain in the asses but this car is a friend and would like to help him out. 

So are the gasket easy to pull and how tight are these vehicles 


thanks in advance 

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