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window tint bottles which one last longer

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13 minutes ago, Slick said:

:hmmm  I have actually never replaced a seal on my P2! :dunno  I don't empty it every night.


Actually not trying to be a smart azz (for a change) but what does emptying it do?

 Relieves the pressure off of the seal. Idk I know if I left it pressurized overnight the next day I couldn't get the pressure I did before. 

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been a P2 user for almost 30 years.  I remove the trigger lock and lube the slide every month or so.  3 or 5 gallon tanks are great if you are stationary,  I can't lift them anymore.  The spray tip goes bad in a few months.  I prefer the fine mist for hanging.  Most professionals buy good tools,  I would question a mechanic that hand walmart tools.  good tools last longer then cheap crap.

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poly2 101

depending on your slip, yes they need to be rinsed on a regular basis.

when filling, slowly release pressure before opening or the o-ring falls out

if it takes long to pump,  make sure down tube is tight or clean seal and o-ring

trigger sticks,  clean and grease trigger seals

while you have it apart, scrap the trigger lock,  soaked a few interiors by accident

have used wheel bearing grease on trigger and downtube,  last longer then white lith grease

filtered water or fuel filter on pickup tube will make spray tip last longer.


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I personally dislike the p2 sprayers, the trigger lock is a horrible design, seals are shitty, the pump itself feels crappy and doesn't build pressure quick. The nozzle is very good on the bottle though. I personally use the jr pump up sprayers. Little more capacity, pump feels much better and builds more pressure faster, replacement parts are cheap and every single part is available. My only complaint is the spray is shitty until it gets broken in, like if you don't have it on high pressure before it gets broken in then it sprays a circular pattern rather than an even mist. I have never had any problems with mine other than letting the seals dry out from not using the bottle or dropping bottle and snapping the tip off.

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not the red mercury sprayer for sure. The idea is good but reliability is seriously lacking. Handle can't take the weight and once it falls apart it's done :mad  spend 15$ on a twelve pack instead.

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